Our Berries

BerryCo has acquired the intellectual property rights to a range of blueberry species from Mountain Blue Orchards, a world-renowned, long-established and innovative enterprise in Australia.

Selected for their suitability to warmer climates, these species are second-to-none when it comes to flavour, early-to-market large size, firmness, crispness, evergreen foliage and vigorous growth.

BerryCo is convinced this will prove the catalyst in allowing New Zealand to compete on the berryfruit world stage. It will open the door by producing these species locally and then exporting them to Australia and Asia.

As well as a delicious range of berries, BerryCo
plans to embark on providing:

  • Much improved packing facilities and co-ordinated marketing strategies.

  • Service provision from farm to consumer.

  • The expertise and support to growers required to give the berryfruit industry in New Zealand an exciting future.

Early Season Varieties


  • Compact ripening season
  • Upright with strong evergreen characteristics
  • Berries are large with open clusters which are easy to harvest

OPI Ridley1111

  • One of the earliest-producing varieties
  • Evergreen
  • Medium size
  • Medium to high acidity – low sweetness


  • Earliness of ripening
  • Long harvest season
  • Fruit is very large and sweet
  • Definite crunch

Eureka Sunrise

  • Eureka Sunrise has all the best qualities of its parent Eureka
  • Very vigorous
  • Fruit is large, crisp and sweet
  • Excellent acid/sugar balance
  • The scar is small and dry

Mid-Season Varieties



  • Excellent resistance to rust
  • Recommended for tunnel production
  • Jumbo large size – most fruit in excess of 18mm in diameter
  • Dark blue firm berry
  • Asian flavour palate

First Blush

  • Large firm berry
  • Great flavour
  • High yield
  • High quality, highly flavoured mid-season variety
  • Large and round
  • Highly flavoured with a sweet and firm berry


  • Good eating, storage and shipping qualities
  • High yielding
  • Strong bloom
  • Hand harvest rates of 12 to 15kgs per hour

Late Season Varieties

Eureka Sunset

  • A direct descendant of the Eureka variety
  • Large and very sweet
  • Good bloom
  • Crisp texture
  • Easy to harvest



  • Strong upright and vigorous bush
  • High yields for premium jumbo berries,
    4 to 5 grams per berry
  • Dry scar with no tears
  • Bloom holds well


  • Medium to large fruit
  • Presents in loose clusters
  • Picks very easily