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Our Vision

Embarking on a ground-breaking journey, BerryCo boldly aims to innovate the New Zealand berryfruit industry and market the fruit produced through collaborative efforts with growers.


We constantly aim to
lead from the front


BerryCo is set to drive the development of the New Zealand blueberry industry beyond the domestic market - paving the way for a bright future.

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Technical excellence

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Varietal development

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Global marketing

Logistics and efficiencies



About Us


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BerryCo is a grassroots, highly innovative enterprise that is investing heavily in bringing consistency and enhanced profitability to the berryfruit industry in New Zealand.

The visionaries behind this new joint venture are Southern Produce, based in Te Puna near Tauranga, New Zealand, and Valleyfresh, located in Victoria, Australia. Both companies are recognised as global leaders in the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.

BerryCo has also formed a joint venture with Mountain Blue to market and distribute their premium eureka berries into Asia.