Quality Management and Continuous Improvement

BerryCo seeks to continually improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System using internal and external audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions. The company continually seeks opportunities for improvement of performance in processes and services in order to improve the satisfaction of all interested parties (Customers, suppliers and employees).

BerryCo have implemented a quality management and food safety system throughout its supply chain incorporating growers and handlers of its product. The systems operated ensure that BerryCo consistently meets customer requirements and that BerryCo and its suppliers operate systems and processes that comply with all importing country, New Zealand Legislative Requirements, MPI Biosecurity Standards, BioGro New Zealand and Customer requirements.

Environment and Resource Management

BerryCo recognizes that it and its suppliers are part of the wider community and that suppliers have impacts on people and the environment beyond their properties. BerryCo is committed to the protection of the environment and efficient use of natural resources and works with its suppliers to prevent and minimize environmental effects from production operations, including;

  • Minimising of waste and pollution.
  • Responsible sourcing and use of essential resources.
  • Identifying opportunities for disposal of recyclable material.
  • Efficient use of energy.
  • Conserving wildlife and the landscape within the general environment of the supplier’s facility. 
  • Complying with all relevant legislation and regulations, industry codes of practice and customer environment specifications.
  • Promoting awareness on appropriate environment and resource management issues.

Ethical Trading

BerryCo acknowledges its Environmental and Social Responsibility. We also endeavour to ensure that these same values are embedded in our trade with direct suppliers. BerryCo believes that, as a responsible organisation, we must ensure that the goods we source are produced in a sustainable way from an environmental and social perspective.

BerryCo believes that we have a moral obligation to ensure that the way in which we source our products does not impact negatively on either the environment or the individuals who produce these goods. We likewise have a responsibility to uphold our reputation and the value of our brand.

We have made a commitment to manage our Environmental and Social impacts through the implementation of our Environmental and Ethical Trading Policies.

BerryCo is committed to ensuring that all of our supply chain stakeholders, regardless of where they live or work, are treated with respect and dignity and are able to live in an environment undamaged as a result of production. We are aiming to encourage “Sustainable Development”, to ensure that those with whom we trade are similarly committed to these principles.